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Shopper Experience: Cómo llevar la experiencia de cliente más allá de las métricas tradicionales

We live in an age of constant distraction. Screens light up with countless notifications in a day, and with consumers bombarded by a steady stream of information — from their sister, their boss, their doctor’s office — brands today are fighting even harder to cut through the noise. Now more than ever, companies should make the most of customer interactions, capitalizing on valuable moments when consumers make time to reach out to them.  

At the same time, the customer service industry is undergoing massive change. Companies are moving to omnichannel customer care, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the industry through intelligent robots and assistants. Especially now that contact centers can leverage AI to field customer inbounds, taking some of the pressure off of bandwidth concerns, the focus on familiar metrics like average handle time (AHT), first-call resolution (FCR) and adherence to schedule is shifting.

Consider AHT, for example — the call center metric for the average duration of a complete customer transaction, from “hello” to “goodbye” and any required follow-up. For customer service professionals, AHT data has historically been helpful in making staffing and scheduling decisions, but as the presence of AI increases in customer service, the significance of the common key performance indicator (KPI) is changing.

The focus on AHT promotes efficiency and encourages teams to address a high volume of customer care inquiries; both of which are good things. But companies should also consider benchmarks that reflect continued consumer engagement. It’s no longer about “handling” your customers, it’s about engaging with them, and continuing to engage with them wherever they are — on the phone, Facebook Messenger or text messaging (SMS).

As the chief marketing officer for a conversational AI company that provides intelligent virtual assistants, it’s clear to me that smart technology is transforming customer care. With this new technology, however, here are three things brands should consider in addition to traditional metrics to promote a positive customer experience (CX).

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